Look Back at - Old Bailey Neighbourhood - Fleet Street Area

Old Bailey Neighbourhood


Old Bailey Neighbourhood proposed improvements

The plan below shows the proposals for the neighbourhood we are exploring. These will focus on:

  • Pedestrian priority: giving people walking the priority and improving their safety.

  • Public realm improvements: to make streets and spaces more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable to spend time.

  • Cycling improvements: to improve the comfort and safety for people cycling.

A sketch view of what Old Bailey could look like after proposed changes enable more space for people walking and planting

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We will improve the priority, comfort and safety of people walking in the neighbourhood. We will explore opportunities to:

  • Restrict some motor vehicle on Old Bailey, south of the junction with Limeburner Lane during the morning, lunchtime and evening peak times.
    • Access would be maintained for emergency vehicles, local access to the Central Criminal Court, the City of London Coroners Court and local businesses, access for taxis drop-off/pick-up’s and bicycles
  • Raise the carriageway to pavement level on Limeburner Lane at the junction with Fleet Place.
  • Improve where people cross on Ludgate Hill between Pageantmaster Court and Old Bailey.
We will improve the streets and spaces by making them more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in. We will explore opportunities to:
  • Introduce more trees, planting, seating and Legible London signs and maps where possible on Old Bailey.
  • Reallocating carriageway to widened pavements where possible, on Ludgate Hill and on Old Bailey south of Limeburner Lane.

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We will improve the comfort and safety of people cycling. We will explore opportunities to:

  • Introduce dedicated space for people cycling on Ludgate Hill.
  • Improve the existing cycle facilities on Old Bailey and the cycle contraflow on Limeburner Lane.
  • Introduce additional cycle parking and dockless cycle and e-scooter hire bays

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