Look Back at - Chancery Lane Neighbourhood - Fleet Street Area

Chancery Lane Neighbourhood


Chancery Lane proposals:

The plan below shows the proposals for the neighbourhood we are exploring. These will focus on:

  • Pedestrian priority: giving people walking the priority and improving their safety.

  • Public realm improvements: to make streets and spaces more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable to spend time.

  • Cycling improvements: to improve the comfort and safety for people cycling.

  • Parking and loading: changes to existing arrangements

A sketch view of what Breams Buildings could look line with the introduction of a small public space.

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We will improve the priority, comfort and safety of people walking in the neighbourhood. We will explore opportunities to:

  • Raise the carriageway to pavement levels at junctions with side streets and at loading bay entrances.
  • Restrict some motor vehicles during the morning, lunchtime and evening peak times to improve the priority of people walking.
    • Restrictions could be on streets accessed from the junction of Fetter Lane and Breams Buildings. This could include Fetter Lane (north of Bream’s Buildings), Breams Buildings, Norwich Street, Tooks Court, Furnival Street and Cursitor Street. 
  • Improve where people cross on New Fetter Lane between Plough Place and Bartlett Court: and between Bartlett Passage and Thavies Inn House. 

We will improve the streets and spaces by making them more attractive, comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in. We will explore opportunities to:

  • Introduce more trees, planting, seating and Legible London signs and maps where possible; and improve paving.

  • Introduce new or improved small public spaces at Tooks Court, the northern end of Fetter Lane and Breams Buildings.

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We will improve the comfort and safety of people cycling. We will explore opportunities to:

  • Extend the existing cycle contraflow on Chancery Lane south to Fleet Street.
  • Maximise the traffic signal priorities for cyclists on Fetter Lane and New Fetter Lane at the junctions with Fleet Street and Holborn Circus.
  • Introduce protected space for cyclists on Holborn.
  • Introduce additional cycle parking and dockless cycle and e-scooter hire bays

To enable greater pedestrian priority, wider pavements and more trees, planting and seating; the relocation of some kerbside parking may be required. We will explore:

  • Relocating motorcycle and blue badge on Fetter Lane (north of Bream’s Buildings), and Tooks Court.

Chancery Lane has had experimental changes introduced. We are exploring opportunities to make permanent changes that could include:

  • Retaining the timed restriction for motor vehicles.
  • Widening the pavement on the eastern side and installing more seating.
  • Formalising kerbside loading arrangements.

This engagement phase has finished

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